This has now become my new addiction on the net. Blogging. It seems i’m jumping into the process about 5 years too late of the sensation that once was. But I feel i would have been left far behind, caught in a Windows DOS like hell as the web programmers attempted to fix the problems by swirling a Magic 8 Ball and throwing darts randomly at a Solution’s Board. I’m self aware and understand that the computer world has excelled past my capabilities and I don’t imagine I will be losing any sleep over that thought. I’ve long been contemplating writing books for a living all the while traveling the world and taking snapshops on my camera of the encounters and strangers I come upon. Such is the life I want and this life would make me smile genuinely as I wake up each morning. The sunshine and warm breeze from a coastal drift or the cool night and the distant crickets chirping in a forest are all tangible experiences in my mind, I challenge myself, why not make those tangible memories? I’ve been doing soul searching since I was young. Practicing metaphysics and reading every spiritual guides inspiring words from Jesus and Ghandi to the Dalai Llama and the prophetic bum that inhabits the grates above the metro. They all seem to have the same message. Look within yourself and you will find joy and happiness. I’ve often wondered what it really even means to look within myself however. If I can’t figure that process out, how would I go about even looking to find my happiness? I’m not bitter nor depressed but I no longer feel energized as I once was. I need a permenant supply of life on hand, I’ll be taking it intraveneously if you please. Perhaps I will run into a muse among my journeys of self discovery. Or where one is good, perhaps I would rather have a plethora of muses. Each person with their own personal quirks and nuances that create the very personality that exudes unto the atmosphere and is forced down by gravity, placing it in life space and making it contagious. I have the optimism and love of myself enough to understand that my life’s journey is just beginning. And it will take many, many more digital pages to express it.